Where Have You Been?

Are you still writing?  (Supposedly, yes.)  Have you stopped doing all the stuff that you were doing before?  (I have stopped doing some of the stuff I did before, but not all the stuff … and now I want to do more stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Some stuff I have NEVER done before!)  Did you move your blog site?  (I hadn’t … but now I have.  It’s here.  You found me!)

Are those answers good enough?  Probably not.  Will I get into more detail later?  Most assuredly, yes.  Right now I am attempting to learn all there is to know about writing in a WordPress format.  Contrary to (my own) popular belief, I am not brilliant nor genius … and this will probably be a pokey slow learning process for me.  Forgive me in advance, will you?

Here’s one answer I can give you.  Why did you stop writing before?

Well …

I got all kinds of negative.  Lots and lots and loads of negative crap started happening in my life.  Every time I logged onto my blog, I felt weighed down by gross, nasty, dirty negativity.  And I felt it spreading outward.  I was like blogging cancer.  So I decided, for a time, that the best answer was to simply cut off the offending limb.  In this case, that meant taking some time away to work out all the negative crap that was happening in my life and attempt to find my way back to a good and happy place.  Or if not exactly happy, at least not ugly and dark.

This go around will be filled with all the things so loved before, and lots, lots more of my eschewed opinions.  MY opinions, my ideas, my thoughts on everything from health and politics to music and literature.

So, eventually, when I learn how to drive this car, we are going to be in for the ride of our lives.  I can’t wait to learn the places we will go!

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