Whole 30 or Not to Whole 30 …

I haven’t written for a few days weeks because, frankly, I have been trying to figure out where this blog should go.  I tend to be a bit scattered … and a LOT opinionated.  About everything.  Right now, this country and truthfully, the whole world, is in turmoil.  This allows for a much opinion by those of the opinionated mindset.

So, there’s politics.

I also have a son playing football on a team lead by some pretty rotten coaches.  Not to mention my own infatuation with Football, Baseball, Basketball … sports in general.

So, there’s sports.

I cook a mighty ton and am always coming up with new ways of doing things healthier, quicker and (hopefully) tastier.

So, there’s food.

Finally, there is the age old topic of dieting.  Health, wellness, nutrition … you know, losing weight and curing what is ailing your body.  I am ALL about that.  I am not a nutritionist, but I am a reader … and I read a lot.  I have common sense, so baloney plans usually don’t make it past my frontal lobe, let alone onto my blog site.  I am old enough, and was once dumb enough, to try a lot of the crazy, NON-common sense plans, so I am well aware that they do not work.  I still remember exactly how my body reacts to baloney (both literal and figurative) and therefore, refuse to let it enter therein.

So … there’s the Whole30.

I am reading through the book “It Starts with Food” by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, and I am finding a LOT of common sense.  I am thoughtfully considering taking the plunge.  I have not done so, yet, but I admit that this morning, when I awoke hungry at 0-dark-thirty to get my son on the early bus, I thought of this plan as my stomach growled.  And when it came time to feed my inner beast, I went ahead and scrambled up 3 organic eggs in a smidgen of organic olive oil with a sprinkling of sea salt and black pepper.  No bread, no bacon (*sigh* … no bacon because I don’t happen to currently have the “Whole 30 Approved” version on hand).  I am on my 2nd small to average size cup of black coffee and that will be the end of that.

I may not be ready to commit to the entire plan, but I am certainly ready to start incorporating some of their ideas into my daily life.  What is keeping me from jumping in with both feet?

So here is what I am thinking …

I SHOULD do the Whole30.  I should also write about it daily, good, bad & ugly.  When it is completed and it is time to start incorporating some of those eliminated foods (dairy, white potatoes, especially) back into my daily life, I should write about that, too.  I really should pay attention this time, document it for future review.  Share my progress, responses and issues … with YOU.

And I think that I will.

Now I just need to finish reading the book and set about planning for success.  If I don’t get going on the plan part, I won’t make it happen in my daily life.  In a PERFECT world, I would start today, as it IS the 1st day of a brand new month.

However, my world is not perfect, nor am I that efficient at planning.  So, I am thinking to start on Monday, October 8th.  One week from today.  30 days of great food, great nutrition and great bitching discussion.  One week to clear my house of the crap I currently hold in my cupboards.  One week to eat every pastry I can find and drink every Pumpkin Spice Latte within 50+ miles.

Yeah, I think I can do that.

In the meantime … I think I am going to have one more cup of black coffee after all …

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