Out of the Box

It did not happen.  Are you surprised?  I’m not.  It seems whatever great plans I lay, these days, they are upended.  God certainly laughs at the grand schemes of this particular servant of His.  Whole 30 was NOT to Whole 30.

First issue was my son’s football season.  Have I mentioned here before that I am on the Board of Director’s for his football club?  It was a particularly difficult season for many, many reasons.  To attempt to have much of a life outside of football was ludicrous.  Happily, the season is done for the year.

However, my son then began having issues at school which have resulted in many additional doctor’s appointments, homework plans, scheduling conflicts.  It is completely doable … but to have any sort of plans of MY OWN simply was not going to happen.  Thankfully, the new schedule is intact and we are adhering to it fairly well.  There are still appointments galore, and the after school hours are just as filled as they were when we had to squeeze in football practice, but at least we know what we are supposed to be doing when.  It’s a positive step.

Next on the calendar is a football party at our home with some of the parents we have made friends during the youth football season.  Every year we end with “let’s get together off season” and every beginning of the following season we all ask “what happened?”  This year we just decided to put it on the books and get together.  It is low key and casual … but it requires cooking and cleaning on my part.  I am OK with that … just have to excuse myself a bit for not having time to schedule all those things I said I was going to.

Following will be Thanksgiving, then Christmas and all those things that come along with it.  Forget dieting.  Forget following some sort of strict food plan.  I will be doing well to just hang on to the edge and not jump mouth first into that pile of Christmas cookies that will tempt me.  I have been trying to get my regular workouts back into the schedule, but have been down for the count for 2-1/2 weeks with this God-awful cold virus.  I was lucky to make it to boxing last week.  Keeping my fingers crossed to get back into the swing this Monday.  Thanksgiving will be the follow Thursday, so I will need to accumulate as much treadmill good will as I can beforehand!

I’ve got an idea scrambling around in my head for the next year.  An “Out of the Box” year of cooking.  I am not a huge boxed or processed food user, however there are somethings that I always reach for pre-made.  Bread, for example.  I am thinking of trying a year in which I must make my own bread, if I want to use bread.  Not a bread maker, either … good, old fashioned knead and rise yourself versions.  Pancakes are another that, if we have them, I pull out a box of Bisquick and utilize that.  Maybe I should learn to make them sans the box?  Cakes, cookies … all those terrible for you things.  If I could only eat them if they were home-made and from scratch … well, first off I would burn calories in the cooking … and a treat would actually be a “treat”.  I am not going to waste tons of time cooking things that are not good for me … so when I do have a craving, it would be a feat to get and worth every bite.

Plus, I will end up with a recipe box full of things to share and talk about.  I have a few weeks to prepare for, think about and worry over.  I’m looking forward to learning the processes of making my own sauerkraut, bread, etc.  Eating veggies that are fresh and seasonal, as opposed to frozen or canned. Hmmmm …..

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