How Goes the Work?

I am not quite sure what direction this blog is going to take … I really need to learn the whole word press set up.  That would help.  But in the meantime, it is a place for me to put my thoughts, share my struggles and …

Record my progress.405539_3285380899853_1427570785_3324056_340836506_n (1)

Stepped on the scale today for the 1st time in forever.  Not good folks.  I am currently at the highest weight I have ever been.  I need to lose 88 lbs.  Glad I did it as it forced me to take a look at the choices I have been making.  You don’t put on 80 lbs in 2.5 years just because life has been throwing lemons at you regularly.  I have not been eating how I need to eat, what I need to eat and when I need to eat.  I am trying to keep myself accountable using the My Fitness Pal website.  It has a pretty outstanding tracking program and the most comprehensive food list I have ever utilized.

I am trying to make a habit out of hitting the gym as soon as my son gets on the early bus Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  This week I was able to get Monday and Friday in.  Next week, well, it will be better, but Ian is home on mid-winter break, so it won’t be my normal early morning schedule.  (Maybe an hour or two later … after all I should get to enjoy the vacation, too, right?)

I have been doing just fine on my bread fast for Lent.  Just not the writing about it every day part.  Hopefully today’s wake up call will assist that as well.

It’s time to get serious.  Diabetes runs in the family.  Congestive Heart Failure runs in the family.  Bad joints run in the family and mine simply can not handle the extra weight.  I need to lose it so I can get back to the active me I like to be … and that means a clean diet.  Within reason, within plan.  I will weigh in each Friday morning and let you know what I have lost.  I will try to log the food diary here.  I will forgive myself for failures, but I will not give up.

February 15, 2013

FOODS Calories Carbs Fat Protein Cholest Sodium Sugars Fiber
Coffee – Brewed from grounds, 2 cup (8 fl oz) 5 0g 0g 1g 0mg 9mg 0g 0g
Panera Bread – Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad With Dressing , 12.25 oz 440 19g 26g 34g 125mg 660mg 2g 3g
Mc Donald’s – Unsweetened Iced Tea – Large, 16 oz 0 1g 0g 0g 0mg 5mg 0g 0g
Generic – Chicken Breast Grilled Skinless, 6 oz 300 0g 6g 45g 120mg 270mg 0g 0g
Trader Joe’s – Trader Grotto’s – Frozen Mushroom Risotto, 0.5 cup cooked 75 14g 2g 2g 0mg 175mg 1g 0g
Generic – French Green Beans – Boiled, 100 g 34 8g 0g 2g 0mg 7mg 2g 3g
Gt’s Enlightened – Organic Raw Kombucha Multi-Green, 8 fl. oz. 35 7g 0g 1g 0mg 10mg 2g 0g
Fresh Attitude – Baby Romaine Lettuce, 1.25 cups or 50g 8 1g 0g 1g 0mg 20mg 1g 1g
Generic – 6 Grape Tomatoes, 6 grape tomatoes 20 4g 0g 2g 0mg 8mg 4g 2g
Best Choice – Manzilla Green Olives With Pimento, 5 olives 25 0g 3g 0g 0mg 210mg 0g 0g
Wegmans – Traditional Feta Cheese, 0.5 oz 30 1g 2g 3g 8mg 185mg 0g 0g
Generic – Onion, Red, Raw 30g, 2 g 1 0g 0g 0g 0mg 0mg 0g 0g
Simple Vinaigrette Dressing, 1 serving(s) 160 0g 19g 0g 0mg 142mg 0g 0g
Generic – Hershey’s Nuggets Milk Chocolate W Almonds, 6 pieces 300 30g 20g 6g 15mg 38mg 26g 3g
Kraft – Snackables Twist Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, 2 stick 120 0g 7g 10g 30mg 320mg 0g 0g
Lipton – Half Iced Tea Half Lemonade, 8 fl oz 50 13g 0g 0g 0mg 80mg 13g 0g
TOTAL: 1,603 98g 85g 107g 298mg 2,139mg 51g 12g


EXERCISES Calories Minutes Sets Reps Weight
Elliptical Trainer 729 45


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