I Did A VERY Bad Thing …

And I do not feel bad about it at all.  Not even a twinge of guilt.

I let my son skip school today.

OK,  maybe I should explain.  I am not trying to encourage juvenile delinquency in my 11 year old.  It’s just we have this little weekend trip planned to celebrate his birthday.  A month late, but sometimes you have to work within the confines of your husbands travel schedule.  I intended to spring him out early anyway, so we could hit the road around 2:30-ish.  Then on Wednesday night past, he started puking his guts out.  I mean, projectile, can’t even get the bucket to his face fast enough to catch that nastiness, puking his guts out.  Yay!  Let’s hope this goes away in 24 hours or less, right?  Thursday morning, he is holding his water again, but obviously weak and puny and not 100%.  So I kept him home from school.

He was significantly better as the day went on.  Good news: his birthday festivities (and our indoor water park reservations) are intact.  Awkward news: that teacher whom doesn’t love him so much is not going to be as easy going about springing our kid early since he missed a day.  What to do?  Well, obviously, I decided it was just going to be OK to keep him home another day.  Get him all good and healthy for his weekend of water park antics.

Am I a horrible mom?  Some will think so.  I tend to think not so much … and here’s why.  This school year has been a wreck.  One emotional, physical, psychological hurdle after another.  We have a teacher who is not understanding, to whom my son does NOT react well.  We have a kid who is ultra bright but struggling with dysgraphia and all the anxiety and depression that follows along with that.  We have a mom who is virtually learning everything she can about the neurological world of a very under-studied learning disability.  We have a dad whose business responsibilities have increased his out of town travel requirements by 500% since January 1st.  We are a family who simply needs a break.

School is a nightmare.  My son hates every moment he has to spend with his teacher.  For reasons I am sure I will discuss here some other time, we will not home school him.  Offering one day where he gets to play hooky for no other reason than we are going on a mini-vaca … well, the grin on his face when I told him made it all worth it.

Yeah, yeah, I was sure to let him know that I do not condone skipping and this was a special circumstance and all that.  I told him that I did not skip a single day in school … until Senior Skip Day in high school.  And even on that day, I showed up for a little while.  Hopefully, I haven’t turned him into some sort of future truant … but rather he will see this as a reward for working hard and persevering.  A self-imposed snow day.

Sometimes, it just feels right to do something bad …

big cheesy grin

2 thoughts on “I Did A VERY Bad Thing …

  1. Nah, don’t feel bad, guilty, or otherwise…. I let my kids skip today so we could get on the road to spring break a little early! I let my son (who dreads school as well… boys are woefully under served and misunderstood by public education, if you ask me) take a mental health day here and there and it does wonders for him. Have an AWESOME long weekend!! 🙂

    • Thank you! It is really nice to hear from someone else that its not such a terrible thing. I remember back in the OOOLLLDDD days when I was a kid in elementary school. My parents used to pull us out weeks at a time for visits with grandparents or trips to FL or whatnot. We just got our homework ahead of time and had to do it on vaca. Not anymore … the school system truly makes you feel like a DQ for pulling the kids, even for dentist appointments! Dutiful mom that I am, I try to never do it. But it does feel nice to not be all rushed and harried today. Have a wonderful spring break!

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