Damn loose rocks! Damn ankle! Damn luck!!

I just sprained my ankle.

Now that the nausea has abated, I can’t decide whether to laugh or cry.  After finishing my 45 minutes on the elliptical this morning, (no weights today, just cardio) I thought a nice walk in the afternoon would round things out.  It’s chilly out there, but the sun is shining (rare for our neck of the woods) and Clover the dog was antsy.  Made it to the corner of our street, rounded and stepped on some loose rock.  I immediately rolled my right ankle,  The pain was (is) excruciating.  This from the girl who got tackled at home in a softball game, and got up, brushed it off and finished out the game.  Later I found out that I had broken my leg and generally did all kinds of ligament and tendon damage to that poor left knee.  I don’t generally feel extreme pain.  This?  Had me sitting on the sidewalk alternating between crying, laughing and muttering a few choice curse words.  I am thinking that it is possible that the pain is worse because, while I have damaged my left leg and ankle repeatedly over the past 20 years, my right has remained unscathed.

Apparently, it is the wimpy ankle and it can’t just absorb the pain like my tough old lefty can.

After about 15 minutes of crying/laughing/muttering on the sidewalk, I managed to get up and return home.  Hobbled, but not broken.  Well, I am assuming it is not broken.  I’m not very good at determining these things, it seems.  Ankle is elevated with ice and it is about the size of my knee, but I can move it around with minimal pain.  Pretty sure it is not broken.

Mostly I am just pissed.  Seriously, what is wrong with me that I can not even walk out the front door of my house without injuring something.  I deal with pain every single day of my life.  I wrote earlier that I don’t feel it?  In some cases, such as my knee. that is true.  But more than the not feeling is just the not letting it stop me from doing what I want to do.  If I did, I wouldn’t ever leave the comfort of my bed.  I am just tired of the dull aches and pains and throbs and needles and whatever else my body continually throws at me.  I want to go about my daily business and only have that tight muscle feeling that tells me I worked out some muscles the day before.  None of this chronic annoying stuff any more.

And I am tired of injuring something every time I turn around.  Really … shouldn’t a normal human being be able to walk her dog without hurting some innocent part of her body.  Damn loose rocks.  Damn ankle.  Damn luck.

There just isn’t much I can do.  Today, I sit here, glancing occasionally at my ankle to make sure its not getting any larger, praying that tomorrow it will prove to not be “all that bad”.  That when I get up and prepare to head to the gym for my 7:30am cardio session, I will find that the pain will be minimal at worst and that I will be perfectly capable of keeping to my scheduled workout.  I have to catch a break (no pun intended) somewhere, do I not?

Please tell me I can catch a break.

Grrrrrrr… Damn loose rocks!  Damn ankle!  Damn luck!!

2 thoughts on “Damn loose rocks! Damn ankle! Damn luck!!

  1. Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear this! Seriously, stuff like that is SO frustrating. It’s like, ‘I’m finally motivated and I’m ready to do this’ and then bad luck happens. I hope it feels better for you today!

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