Addendum to April Challenges & Stuff

OK, so I just got back from my Monday Noon KB class.  And this really neat (and somewhat sadistic) thing is happening at my favorite KB/Boxing gym.  Can you guess??

Yep … a challenge.  ANOTHER one … not the ones I am currently doing.  AND … I think I am going to do it.  I mean … I am going to ADD IT ON to the ones I am already doing.  I already signed on for 10k Swings and Whole30 eating.  Why not add a crazy boxing/kettlebell themed challenge into the mix?  The fact that I am inspired rather than terrified as I look at the month before me absolutely MUST be a sign that I am supposed to do it.  (And the liberal use of CAPS as I type this tells me that I am excited.  Or else that extra energy phase that the Whole30 promises has decided to hit me about 2 weeks earlier than predicted.  Whichever …)

Here’s what the gym challenge looks like:

  • (65) 3-minute rounds on the Heavy Bag (or shadow boxing, but I HATE shadow boxing, so I will just hit the bag.  I have one of those things in my basement gym and I LOVE to hit it … often.)
  • 2000 KB snatches, push presses or jerks (long cycle or short, you choose)
  • 250 Squat/Lunge combos (Lunge left, squat, lunge right = 1)

30 days breakdown means mostly (2) 3-minute rounds per day boxing, with a couple of extra rounds added in somewhere I am feeling extra ambitions to catch myself up.  Around 67 overhead moves per day with the KB.  Approximately 9 squat/lunge combo’s per day.  Along with my planned 400 swings per day in order to meet the other challenge.  I will still be heading to the gym for cardio 4-5 days per week, meeting with my boxing/kb coach on Thursdays and attending my Monday noon class and Sunday competition class for KB.  Add in some bi’s & tri’s, ABs and other weight work and I THINK April will be a very … ahem … challenging … month.

Wow, breaking it down makes it look more intimidating700-00063105

The thing I like about the challenges is … on the days I find myself with extra energy and extra time, I can go balls to the walls and crank out lots of extra’s.  That way on the low energy, high pain days, I can rest as needed to recover.  In addition, the idea that there is a goal and an end in sight, well, that just makes it easier to put my head down and focus on the task at hand.

So, that’s the addendum.  I will try to keep you up to date as to how it all goes.  In the meantime, I have 250 more swings to do … and (2) 3-minute rounds to go in order to finish up today’s scheduled work.

Back to it …

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