Come On, April … CHALLENGE Me!

Ankle is much better.  Not swollen, still bruised.  Tires easily, but has not really inhibited me from doing anything I want to do.  Thought I should get that out there first … since I haven’t written much since it happened.  You know, Spring Break, Easter weekend, general life.  Things get in the way.

It is April 1st, the traditional date for children to pull massive pranks on parents and teachers and friends alike.  Luckily for me, my darling son completely forgot about it this year.  He was rather miffed this morning when I pointed it out to him.  The day is young, however, and he is on break, so I may return from my journey’s to land in the midst of another devilish plan.

It IS April 1st … and for me that means 2 very specific things.  I have undertaken 2 challenges this lovely month.  The first is to complete a Whole30 challenge.  I will be eating very clean foods for 30 days, then following it up by introducing them individually to find out what works for me and what does not.  Organic, grass fed protein sources, tons of veggies, some fruit and nuts.  NO sugar, NO grains, NO bread.  NO dairy.  Having just completed a bread fast for Lent, I am not as worried about the bread part.  Actually, I am not all that worried about the food part at all. I generally like good, clean food.  I will miss cheese, butter, yoghurt … dairy in general.  I will miss pasta.  I will miss wine.  But it’s 30 days, and there is huge potential to start healing my body.  It will be good to know exactly what is adversely affecting my goals.  I can’t weigh myself for the entire 30 days, either.  I actually REALLY like that part.  I become an emotional slave to the scale … and I am more than happy to ditch that roller coaster ride for a while.

The 2nd challenge I am choosing to embark upon is the 10,000 Swings in 30 Days challenge.  2 years ago I accomplished this goal.  It was tough, but I felt great for finishing it … and it truly did make me stronger.  I did it on top of everything else, it did not take the place of any part of my workout.  If we did a ton of swings in one of my KB classes, I counted those and included them in my daily total.  But I still did my daily cardio, my daily weight work … just added approximately 400 swings per day on top.  I varied between the 14 kg and the 16 kg bells.  I did some 2 handed work, singles, some darcy’s.  (It’s ok if you are a non-KBer and none of that makes sense.  In layman’s terms, I mixed it up as needed.)  My hands were a wreck by the time I finished the 30 days, but my shoulders were rock hard, my lower back was stronger than it had ever been.

Mostly I am doing it because I just want to shake things up a bit.  My weight is not budging in spite of my new dedication to the process.  Yes, I ate less than stellar over the weekend (bread fast done … PIZZA anyone?), however I would have expected the rest of the week, and the continued workouts over the weekend to at least make some headway.  The Whole30 will help, I am certain.  The 10k Swings … well, that is just because there is this competition in July that I would like to do again.  And this year?  2nd place will not be good enough.

I have 9 minutes to get out the door for my Monday KB class.  Hopefully they will swing as I have not started any today … and 400 a day gets daunting.  I don’t want to start out with a deficit.

Here’s to April and all of its challenges.

(Disclaimer:  I don’t have time to read this for editing purposes, so I am going to post and hope that I caught any grievous errors along the way.  If not, I am sure I will come back and edit it later.  I want to publish this now, so be kind to me, if you find mistakes … Please?)  😉

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