Day Freakin’ 2

I’m tired.  Bone, muscle, mind and spirit tired.  Yesterday I was all “yippy skippy let’s blow these challenges out of the pond”.  Today I am all “what the Ficus Tree was I thinking??”  (I’m a mom … we substitute nice words for curse words … it’s just what we do …)

OK, that was the complaints department, and being that this is only Day Freakin’ 2 of my Challenge Month from Hell (oh, what a difference 24 hours makes), I really think I have no right to be complaining.  Yet.

The food part has been easy.  Other than the remembering to make enough meat the night before that I won’t need to scramble at lunch for a decent protein source part.  Really, I didn’t expect it to be a horrible change in my life.  We eat pretty healthily.  I had already cut out bread for the previous 40 days.  Expanding that to all grains and all sugars was pretty easy.  I do get to eat whole fruit, too, which helps.  I get to eat avocado every day if I want and that simply makes me happy.  Did I tell you we moved here to the frozen north from the Avocado Capital of the USofA?  *sigh*  Life was good then.

The workout part?  Well, it’s hard.  No question.  Completely doable.  Definitely it is “put your head down and get the work done” stuff.  Spreading it out over the day will benefit me greatly.  Today I failed to do that.  We are on Spring Break, so sleeping in is a luxury I am loathe to give up.  I finally got to the gym for cardio at 11:30am.  Followed by a trip to Lowe’s for much needed cleaning supplies, then home to make lunch around 1:30pm.  By the time I got back into my basement gym it was 3:30pm … and not a swing had I yet completed.  An hour’s worth of hard labor and I finished all of my daily challenge requirements, along with 100 crunches just because I need them desperately. Now I sit at my desk and I don’t think I want to get up again for a very long time.

(Too bad for me … I have to start Brain Integration Therapy with my son in 15 minutes, then cook dinner.  No rest for the wicked!)

Tomorrow I will plan better and will spread out the challenge work throughout the day.  And I won’t complain about it, because I asked for this.  And I can’t help but think that at the end of my 30 days I will be very satisfied with the results of my month in Hell.

Maybe tomorrow I will even get some OTHER work done.  You know, besides eat and workout?  Nahhh … why bother.  It IS Spring Break after all!IMG_1456

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