Taking a Moment

I am taking a moment.

There are floors to be cleaned, carpets to be vacuumed, food to be prepped.  My kitchen is in disrepair, the laundry is piled high, the cat boxes need attending to.  My dog desperately wants to be walked.

There are still 300 Kettlebell swings left to finish out the days challenge requirements.

I won’t even get into the remodeling work that needs to be done.  Or even the REAL work I should be doing right this very moment (It’s SPRING BREAK, for God’s sake!).

I … am taking a moment.

Directly in front of me, high upon a shelf, is a decorative wooden art piece I purchased.  It reads “RELAX”.  Every time I see it, I stop and consciously take a deep breath.  Maybe I ought to glue it to my laptop.  Or my car dashboard, my desk, the kitchen … everywhere I ever am.  Relaxing is not a concept which comes easily to me.  Even when I am seated, I am thinking about what I should be doing.  When I take time at night to watch a little mindless television with the family, I keep the laptop firmly perched on, well, my LAP … and I work, or research, or plan.

Admittedly, sometimes I play games.  But really not nearly as often as I research neuroscience and psychology and the effects of diet on behavior … etcetera and so forth.

I do not relax well.

I am trying to fix this deficiency.

I would really love to be one of those people who can sit and quiet her mind for prayer and meditation.  I can … for short bursts, like 5 minutes tops.  I can’t stand yoga classes more than once a week because it is too much non-movement.  I WANT to take yoga classes.  I love how my body feels when I finish one.  I love how it responds to the deep stretching, allowing me to make greater gains in strength and mobility for my chosen sports.  I just get all “brain-itchy” and twitchy and I can’t still my soul enough to abide it more than once per week.  Same thing for massage.  I get them, every 2 or 3 weeks, but it has to be the deep tissue, make me cry, but ease my pain afterwards type of massage.  Any of that light, relaxing nonsense and all I can think about is where I should be and what I ought to be doing.

I guess my purpose in writing this is that I needed a moment to relax, to rest, my body … and I simply couldn’t justify doing it, unless I was doing it in conjunction with something else.

Like updating this here little bloggy thing.

Challenges are going great.  Fantastic, actually.  Today is the first day I felt a little “depleted” in the energy department.  That’s Day 4 of the Whole30 kicking in.  I’m pretty sure it will last about a week and then go away.  I hope that the promise of “Energizer Bunny-type” energy kicks in shortly thereafter.  I do get a little bored with the food, but whenever it sneaks its little head into my consciousness, I simply shrug and remind myself that I can have a piece of fruit.

The physical challenges are coming along nicely, too.  I am sore, in all the right places, but I feel … motivated and dedicated.  I logged my stats up on the challenge board at the gym today and was rather pumped that I was out-performing everyone else.  (SO FAR!  I know how these things go, this old lady puts her numbers on the board and all the young chickadees get competitive and come back with a vengeance.  My ranking at the top will not last the whole month.  Of course … they are not doing the 10k in 30 Days challenge on top of the gym challenge.  I can smugly hold that one close to my heart.)

Alright then.  Moment has ended.  There is SO much work to be done … and I am getting itchy twitchy.  ‘Til next time!twitchy

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