I am weepy.

For no good reason whatsoever.  I mean I guess it could be (boys, close your eyes) PMS, but it’s unusual for me.  It might be the Whole30, carb depletion thing.  I guess.  All I know is, watching a video about a flash mob at the Denver Airport had streams of tears rolling down my face.  (See it HERE!)

They’re not even bad!  It’s actually very fun and nice and all that.  Still … weepy old me.

I am starting Day 8 of this delightful Whole30 challenge.  All in all, it has gone quite well.  I have had few cravings.  There have been a couple of planning mishaps, resulting in raging hunger at the most inappropriate times, however I do believe I have that all under control.  I moved into the “I just want to nap” stage yesterday.  I do believe I am still there.  Some of my exhaustion may be attributed to staying up well past my bedtime to watch the defeat of MY basketball team in the championship game last night.

(I find solace in the fact that most of those kids are freshmen or sophomores and will be providing excellent basketball viewing for a few more years.  It is good to be a Michigan fan, in spite of the loss.)

There are actual phases to this Whole 30 thing.  Hangover, to nappy time, to energizer bunny … it is documented HERE.  I seem to be following pretty close to this timeline.  Luckily, this means energizer bunny is right around the corner … (unfortunately, so are hideous cravings, but I can deal with those as long as I am not weeping and sleeping all the time!)

Our weekend was jam-packed, moving from agenda item to agenda item with very little time in between.  I tried my best to stay on track with my physical challenges … but I am behind and will need to bust my butt to catch up.  Particularly in the Boxing 3-minute rounds.  It’s cake to grab a kettlebell and knock off 100 swings every few hours.  Re-wrapping the hands and setting up the time, pulling on those gloves, takes a bit more planning and time.  Looks like I will have to schedule in (4) 3-minute round each time in order to pull off 65 in 30 days.  I’ll be doing one of those sets this afternoon.  KB class helps with accomplishing the swings and overhead lifts.  Squats and lunges I can do anywhere, anytime.

Just need to get through these crazy few days.  Maybe I will even have something more interesting to write about.

Something that doesn’t make me fall into a heap and bawl my eyes out.  Ugh!  What a waste of time!

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