New Stuff

New stuff is cool.  That is probably why we as American’s have such a spending problem.  Sure … that TV we having gathering dust in the family room works just fine.  HOWEVER, that bright and shiny, flat screen, hi-def HUGE thing sitting down there at Best Buy is just … awesome!  It is so hard to stick with you old iPhone 3gs, when there is this really snazzy iPhone 5 out there.  My phone is soooo outdated!  I need the new faster, brighter, niftier version.  How ’bout my laptop?  Stable, quick compared to my old desktop, lots of features I don’t even use.  Still, when it came time to buy my son a new computer … I found myself drooling over his Microsoft Surface with all of its Windows 8 fun features.  My own devise feels … clunky.  But it works … and I do not NEED a new laptop.  (I don’t, I don’t, I don’t!)

I do however need lots of new stuff inside my house.  For reals.  Starting with new carpet, which has been irritating me for, I don’t know, 5 years now?  When we moved into this house, the previous owners were so kind as to install gorgeous white carpet on the stairs, hall and 2nd and 3rd bedrooms.  Seriously, beautiful stuff.  Enter one (then) 2 year old, 2 cats, 2 dogs and a ferret.  Oh yeah, one husband with a bottle of red wine … and countless other mishaps.  That beautiful white carpet?  Not white anymore.

Trouble is that my son’s bed was this gorgeous monstrosity of wood.  I mean, truly, a fantastic piece of furniture … IMG_1478


That was built inside his bedroom.  Yep.  Pretty much … nothing was happening under this massive oak unless we removed the oak.  And being that my son is nearly my height now (I stand at 5’5″) and only just turned 11 … sleeping on the top bunk was not a long term solution.  So the bed was going to have to go.  Eventually.

With the intended visit of several of my best friends this coming summer, I determined I had waited long enough.  We were getting the new carpet, hell or high water.  A week ago, they measured and quoted us … and today they are installing it.    In between?  Seriously, have you any idea how much junk can be accumulated in 2 bedrooms and a master walk in closet and hallway in 9 years?  A LOT.  A whole bunch of a lot.  I have been pulling, tugging, carrying, tossing things up and down stairs for the last 6 days.  We sold the bed (hallelujah!), we are going to have one heck of a garage sale … and mama will stop complaining about her nasty carpet.

It’s just the beginning though.  Once the new carpet is in and looking spiffy, I am pretty sure the hardwood floors are going to look dull in comparison.  They soooo need to be refinished.  And the kitchen floors?  Terrible.  Absolutely must be replaced.  Of course, I can’t replace it until I am ready to get the new cupboards.  Until I am ready to completely remodel the kitchen, actually.  I AM ready for that, I am just not ready to pay for it.  So, the new carpet will come in and I will be happy.  For a while.  Then, I will start hating on another area and obsessing about it.

I am just hoping that it doesn’t take me 5 years to get around to the next project!

(On an end note, because I have been too busy moving things about the house, here’s the catch up on the Challenging April stuff.  Whole30, going fine pretty much.  I get bored, I sure am hoping that cheese and wine are not my problem children, as I miss them terribly.  Everything else?  I can live without indefinitely.  Workout challenges are coming along.  Unfortunately, the days spent moving stuff have infringed upon my boxing time … so I am going to be heading downstairs after the carpet boys leave for some serious bag time.  I have 6 days to finish it all up … and finish it I will.  I might just be a tad sore come May 1st.  Luckily, I will be able to reward myself with a slice of raw milk cheddar.)  🙂

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