It Is Finished

Life is good!

Life is good!

April, that Challenging Month … I made it through.  I have successfully completed every single challenge … or I will after I go to bed here in a few moments and wake up tomorrow completely finished with my Whole30.  April in a nutshell …

  • (65) 3 minute rounds of boxing
  • (250) squat/lunge left/lunge right combos
  • (2,107) Overhead press, mostly military style, some push press
  • (10,023) swings.

Is it alright for me to confess that I am rather happy to see the end of April?

There was quite a bit of stuff in addition to this load.  All of my weekly kettlebell classes, my personal sessions with my boxing/kb coach and I joined a group preparing for a July competition.  Add in daily AB work, cardio sessions, softball practices (games start next week), moving furniture up and down stairs for the new carpet install and just general, every day work … I am TIRED.

Therefore, I am taking tomorrow off.  Or at least, I am not going to go into the gym, I will not lift or swing a kettlebell and I will not strap on any gloves and hit things.  I can get back to all that on Thursday.  Tomorrow, I will rest.  I will put things back where they belong, I will wash clothes … I will sit on my backyard swing and I will drink iced tea and read my book.  I will walk my poor, neglected dog.  (OK, she is not that neglected … I have walked her often during April, as often as the weather and schedule permitted.  But she still manages to make me feel guilty.)

I also get to begin slowly adding things back into my diet, starting with some dairy.  I bought a Greek yogurt for breakfast.  I have some raw milk cheese.  I’m not sure what else, but I am planning to take it slow and really pay attention to how my body reacts to each new food.  Day 1 is dairy, day 4 gluten containing grains (pasta, whole wheat bread, etc.), day 7 non-gluten grains such as rice, corn, couscous, etc., day 10 legumes.  Most of these I intend to limit.  There are some things that I am seriously hoping I can add in without fear and without reaction.  Cheese, yogurt, white potatoes and good old-fashioned organic steel-cut oats to name a few.  Ultimately, though, it is up to my body.

Oh yeah … I have to weigh in tomorrow, too.  I have had to avoid the scale for 30 days because this is not about “weight loss” … it is about body health.  Can i just say how FREEING it has been to stay off the scale.  I feel good, I feel smaller.  I am interested to see if the scale shows this, but I am afraid as well.  I used to live and die by that scale.  I know that I need it as a guideline, but I think I can be content with only stepping on it once a month.  I think …

I didn’t talk a lot about my Whole30 experience because I felt that was over done in the blog world.  Everyone who has ever done one likes to talk about it ad nauseam.  I figured it would be a bit boring, as you can find thousands of other entries just by searching the term.  Here’s my wrap up on that bit:  I feel good.  I miss dairy.  I would like some pizza once in awhile  but I can live without it 99% of my life.  Wine will be nice.  I feel good though … and I don’t want to screw that up.  Oh yeah … my face didn’t even break out during my “period” (sorry boys) … clear skin is a serious plus.  For whatever reason, old age has been harder on my skin than puberty was!

Life is good.  I really mean it.

Life.  Is.  Good.

Tools for the Woman of Strength!

Tools for the Woman of Strength!

One thought on “It Is Finished

  1. holy cow, you’ve been busy!! i am tired just reading this. i hope you got to sit out on the swing & read. that’s my idea of a good time. ha. hmm good luck with the weigh-in!

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