Wrap up on my Whole30

Want a few details about the Whole30 results … so far, at least … ?  Alrighty, then…

  • Am down 13 lbs.
  • Am down a whole bunch of inches, although I did not take measurements.  I can tell by my clothes.  And by the mirror.  If I say the mirror image looks trimmer, then by golly it must as I hate that mirror image and generally call her all kinds of nasty names.  Kindness to her does not come naturally to me.
  • Have had no breakouts at all during this time.
  • (Sorry if this is TMI …) Have had normal, regular, non-juicy bowel movements.  Except for that one time when we ate at Chili’s and I think they cooked my fajita chicken in canola or some other disgusting oil … (hubby got runny too … see how changing my diet affects the whole fam?)
  • I feel good.

Put dairy back in yesterday, with good results.  This makes me happy as I truly missed dairy.  I had a greek yogurt for breakfast (plain, with a very little honey).  Had some raw cheese with my lunch.  Had about 2 tbsp cheddar on my salad at supper.  Oh, ate a bit of dark chocolate.  Because it was good.

Today, I feel fine.  Hungry right now as I need to eat something and am choosing instead to sit and write.  But fine, nonetheless.  On Saturday I get to attempt my first Gluten input.  Probably whole wheat toast at breakfast and some pasta for supper.  I suspect that gluten will not be as pleasant of a reintroduction as dairy was.

I took yesterday off from the workout cycle.  I needed a full muscle rest after April.  My pampered pooch and I did go for a nice leisurely walk, but that was too slow to even count as exercise.  It was nice.  Walking without a purpose in the back of your mind is a really great way to dump some stress.  Today I am ready to get back in the boxing ring with coach, and to pick up some kettlebells again (and put them back down, of course).  I’ve decided to go back to my original schedule of 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off.  5 days of work, 2 days of rest, although active rest.  Trust me when I tell you the KB competition homework is killer and I earn every one of those rest days.

I’m not going to weigh myself again until June 1st.  I will be thrilled if I can see around a 10 lbs weight loss again, then.  I am counting on that desire to keep me honest during the month … and I am really trying to listen to my body.  Eating 5 or 6 meals a day doesn’t necessarily work for me … eating when I am hungry, then choosing healthfully and eating only until I am full really does seem to be the best course of action.  For ME.

I guess I should eat something, as I have to leave for boxing in about a half an hour … and I will need the energy.  Really, really need it.

Wrap up?  Whole30 seems to have been a successful endeavor!

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