I Haven’t Been Writing (insert very sad, puppy dog face here)

I haven’t had time.

What?  Between vacations home,

Vacation Home

Vacation Home






trips to the Renaissance Fair,

Nikon 07212013 DL 114



invitations to friends summer homes on the lakeKeuka Lake Day 07232013 012


… there simply hasn’t been time!



Well, there has been SOME writing.  I did manage to enter to recipes onto the blog.  I also have been tracking my food and workout progress (more of an accountability thing).  I wrote a letter to a long lost friend.

But Samantha, Geoff, Lily and the gang over at the novel have been sadly left to their own devices.  I am almost afraid to open it up and see what mischief has happened while I have been away.  My biggest fear is that they have all jumped ship and left me with a huge mess to untangle, unravel, reroute …

You see, the characters in my books take on a life of their own.  If I am not diligent and disciplined about tracking their every movement, I can sometimes return to a mess (of my own doing) that gets bogged down and difficult to decipher.  Usually, that’s when the block comes in and I can’t figure out how to help them get to their next place, smoothly, interestingly

Even today, when I know I should be over there, advancing their individual story-lines, I am here, piddling around in my blog, writing about how I am not writing about them.

Procrastinate much?

Why, yes, yes I do.  I also know that there is this huge spreadsheet I need to start working on for my other “job” (the volunteer one, for my son’s youth football league).  I am very cognizant of the fact that once I finish my minimum amount of words for the day on the novel, I will need to buckle down and start in on that mundane spreadsheet task.  So maybe, today at least, the reason I am here instead of there, is I don’t want to arrive at the end destination.

Or maybe I am just looking to clear my brain of a few inane thoughts before I tackle the mess.

Either way, I probably ought to stop writing here and start doing something good over there.  Because I DO hope to get a mani/pedi this afternoon as well.  And chances are, I will do THAT even if I do not accomplish any work today.  Because I feel THAT undisciplined.

Gosh … it is gorgeous outside …………

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