Remember Me?

Summer has a way of taking a schedule and slamming it into the ground, stomping the hell out of it and then handing it back to you with nary an apology.

I have been camping for the past week with family and friends, sans computer.  I had a wonderful time and wish I could go back to the relative quiet of mountain life, laze along the fake river in the water park, and eat hot dogs off the end of a stick after slowly roasting them over a roaring fire.  The real world is less fun … and far less relaxing.  Even with kids arguing and coffee makers breaking down, life lived out of a cabin in the mountains is idyllic.

Tomorrow, though, I attempt to get the whole gang of us back on a regular schedule.  My husband leaves for a week-long business trip.  My son begins a different tutoring schedule, followed by summer football practice.  I return to a regimented writing schedule, as well as diet and workout schedule.  We begin moving our minds towards the start of school (September) and embark upon all those summer projects we have set aside for the month of July.  In our home, there is only one month off, and that is July.  Once July ends, we are effectively “off vacation” and have to start buckling back in for the long ride of fall and winter.

I’m finding it even harder this year to accept that fall is nearing.  We have not been blessed with a warm, sunny summer.  Rain and cool temperatures refused to leave during all of June and even persisted through much of July.  In my humble opinion, anything lower than 80 degrees during the summer months is unacceptable.  I can count on 2 hands the number of 80+ days we have enjoyed this June and July.  Maybe August will surprise us?  My son rather hopes not as full pad practices are much less agonizing when the temperature stays cooler.  I secretly pray for a few more 90+ days in order to warm my bones further before the snow starts.  I fear that his wishes are more likely to come true this year than mine.

So, now that I have lamented the end of summer, I guess I will set aside my computer and relax for the last night “off” I get to enjoy.  I will be back tomorrow with (hopefully!) more uplifting and interesting things to write.

My favorite DT in the whole world.

My favorite DT in the whole world.

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