Catch up!

Football has started!!!

In our family, football rules everything else.  From August through January, our schedule is worked around our son’s youth football schedule, a couple of very important college teams and, of course, the NFL.  Add in at least 5 fantasy football teams to keep track of (4 for me, at least one for hubby and now our youngest family member is throwing in his hat) and you have several months of football ecstasy.

It also makes for a super busy schedule.  Not so much the viewing part, but the youth football schedule and my responsibilities as a board member amount to a whole lot of time slot juggling.

My writing is suffering, in all forms.  Blogs, book, emails … doesn’t matter.  There is no time.  My communication with friends and family (outside of the football organization, at least) has suffered.  My house has suffered.  It is a disaster!  I am trying to remedy that today … but I thought I would at least sit and take care of ONE of my blogs.  So that you don’t think I died.

Oh, and I made these absolutely freakin’ incredible Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast this morning because I have been dying for pancakes … and my gluten issues have made them virtually obsolete.  No longer!  These are OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Even my son was impressed.  A whole new world of breakfast and dinner possibilities has opened.  Seriously, try them.  I am not a huge fan of pumpkin, hate the pie, like the breads usually in late fall, but can live without them, but these pancakes are outstanding.  Had to write in the blog so I could share about the pancakes.

In addition, we have decided to renovate our kitchen as it is in desperate need.  I can’t afford to rip the whole thing out and start from scratch (although I really want to) so, there are concessions being made.  However, it will look 100% than it does now.  Of course, it means more stress, more scheduling conflicts and months of living in kitchen squalor.  It will also probably mean lots to write about and since I won’t be able to cook much, more time in which to put fingers to keyboard.  (I hope.)

So that’s the latest and that’s also about all you are gonna get ‘cuz I gotta go!


Quintessential "Before" picture.  It's even messy!

Quintessential “Before” picture. It’s even messy!

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