You have 7 minutes … Go!

You have heard it from me a hundred times.  I am too busy.  However, sometimes I wonder if I am not too busy, but rather too disorganized?

How could it be?  I have calendars on the walls throughout the house indicating which room is to be cleaned which day, what meals are to be cooked, what homework assignments are due or need to be addressed, which meeting to attend, my husband’s travel schedule … my son’ football schedule.  In addition, my cell phone pops off every  hour with a new task.

6:45am: wake you lazy fool!

7:00am:  go row your tushy off

8:00am: check email and browse facebook

10:00am:  kettlebells

12:00pm:  Walk the Cloverleaf (my poochie)

1:00pm:  eat lunch and browse the internet

2:00pm:  WRITE!!!!

4:00pm:  Get homework started

5:30pm:  LEAVE NOW for football practice …

And it goes on and on … and on.  Heaven forbid I should have a day in which I need to add things like “meet with flooring guy” or “get car electronics looked at”.  Things like “massage appointment” and “desperate mani/pedi” are more likely to fill me with stress than the relaxed happiness of their intention.

The reason I think it is that I am too disorganized is that I often allows things to melt into the next time slot.  Like, right now, for example.  I am supposed to be showering.  I was scheduled to begin that 1 minute ago.  However, I decided to sit down and write in my unattended blog for … 7 minutes.  Surely, I can write something meaningful, insightful, mind-blowing in 7 minutes before racing up the stairs to take a shower.


(It bears mentioning that the reason I am showering BEFORE my kettlebell workout today is that there will be NO time after and if I do not shower … again … the meeting I have this afternoon is going to get ugly.  Or rather, is going to smell ugly.  When one works at home, showering can sometimes get pushed to the bottom of the priority list.  It tends to get buried on mine.)

Too much information?  I do take them eventually.  I am not a total scuzz.

So, my mind-blowing words in 7+ minutes of brain vomit would have to be summarized as this:

It simply doesn’t matter how scheduled you attempt to be … life is still life and living takes time and makes it’s own schedule.  Be flexible and unperturbed by the restraints of calendars and iPhone alarms.

But do try to shower more than once a week.  Please.


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