I Ought to be Cleaning

My mum’s comin’ to town.  Tomorrow, in fact.

Mum ... in Ireland

Originally she was scheduled to arrive on Saturday … but she telephoned yesterday to let me know that it would be a Thursday arrival instead.

Which is fine … GREAT! … in fact.  Except for the one problem of my house.  It’s a disaster.  I had it all planned out:

Family room, foyer down stairs bath on Monday
Kitchen, living room, dining room on Tuesday
Florida room, cat boxes and mop floors on Wednesday
Upstairs bathrooms and vacuuming on Thursday
Master bedroom, son’s bedroom & HAIR APPOINTMENT on Friday

Then I was to begin the cooking on Saturday, so the house would be clean AND smell all wonderful with my home-cooked goodness when she arrived.

Except, now she is coming on Thursday instead, so I had to move the hair appointment (it takes 3 hours to look this good so I can’t just abandon her on Friday) to today … and then I need to shove everything else into … well, TODAY, after my hair.  And before.  Well, it should be before, except that I am here, typing, instead.  Luckily, I finished a good chunk yesterday and can get away with letting a few things slide.  Like, my bedroom.  I mean, it is MY bedroom, and although she is my mommy, I don’t need to be worried about her yelling at me because my room is messy, right?  Not at 44 years of age.  I should no longer feel guilty about my unmade bed and clothes on the floor in my own, adult, bedroom.  Right?

(Except that I still do.  Feel guilty, that is.  Grrr.)

And I need to figure out food for Thursday now.  Grrr.  I am thinking soup, my favorite Irish soup (pureed vegetables, basically) and homemade soda bread, as it will need to be in the slow-cooker whilst the boychild is at football Thursday night.  No one likes eating supper at 8:00pm, but that is how we roll during the youth football season.  Friday, we are heading out to a friend’s birthday celebration at the greatest Irish pub in America.  It’s a girl’s only thing, so mum is coming with me, and we are leaving all the boys to their pizza.

I’ve no idea what to do Friday during the day with Mum and dude (that’s what I call her boyfriend, as “that guy that she sleeps with” was a bit laborious on the tongue …), but seeing as it is just me, and them, and my boys are off at work and school, I guess I will have to come up with something.  Possibly, Mother Nature will be kind and extend this beautiful fall weather til the beginning of next week.  There’s plenty to keep us entertained if the weather is agreeable.

So, that’s enough from me.  I am off to the races to pick up that Florida room and mop the floors before spending 3 hours in the chair attempting to become attractive again.


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