Let the new kitchen commence.

I sit here, from the comfort of my easy chair, sipping a steaming mug of Joe, while watching boys install the cabinets in my kitchen.  OK, one is a boy, the other is technically a young man.  I have every confidence in their ability, but gosh … they start ’em young!

Actually, the one I refer to as the boy is probably 18 or 19 years old, out of school, but to my advanced years he looks barely pubescent.  I did overhear mention of a daughter.  What?  When you were 12!!??

Good Lord, I am getting old.

I am excited at the prospect of this new kitchen.  It was 5 days of flurry as we tore out the old, ripped off the tile and painted everything possible to be ready for the install today.  Since Friday we have been without a kitchen sink, counter tops or running water.  Our meals have been of the nuked variety and I have been washing to few dishes we accumulated in the bathroom sink.  2 days of that and I stocked up on plastic and paper.

I know, I know!  Environmentally hazardous!!  Still, I recycle more than most of the country, so my footprint is quite small.  A few days of walking around in average American sized shoes will have to be acceptable.  I am still recycling everything that I can.  I promise!

On a side note, you should see my puppy.  She’s absolutely up in arms about the mess we have been making of her house.  Every noise from the kitchen, she cocks her head and turns to look at me like “Are you going to put a stop to this anytime soon??  They are RUINING everything!”

What was old will be new, what was damaged will be whole, what was ugly will be made beautiful and a kitchen which was functionally inept will be made perfect.  Well, as perfect as it could be made without tearing out walls and raising ceilings.  I am excited.  I am anxious.

I think  am going to take the dog for a walk!

The "Old" kitchen ...

The “Old” kitchen …

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