It’s Wednesday, I’ve been a Slacker, So What ELSE is New?

Topic sentence sums it all up.

Although in actuality, I have not be a slacker at all.  Just serious slackage in the writing department.  Unless you count emails.  I’ve been composing tons of those as of late.

So, kitchen install is in full swing.  Cabinets were installed.  New cabinetsNew lighting fixtures, overhead fan and over-the-stove microwave were installed.  Tomorrow the third and hopefully final attempt will be made at installing my new floor.  (Which means I will have an oven again and my own washer and dryer to use.  No more Saturday trips to the laundromat.  God, I hate the laundromat!)   Friday, the counter top will be placed placed oh-so-properly upon my new cabinets.  Monday, the plumber will reacquaint me with the concept of running water in my kitchen .  (Which means I can use real silverware and dishes, rather than plastic and paper.  AND I no longer need to wash dishes in the basement!!)  The following Friday (11/22) the gentleman installing our backsplash will work his magic and put the final finishing touches on the project which has controlled my life the past month.

Currently, my refrigerator is situated in the hallway, which in actuality is not horrible.  Beer is literally 5 steps away on any given Sunday during football.  It’s a bit of a maze to get in the front door, however the beer aspect makes that more acceptable.  In fact, you can come in the front entrance, grab a beer on your way to the sofa and never miss a second of NFL action.  There are some bonuses, I guess.  (In)convenient fridge

Thanksgiving is a couple weeks away.  Christmas is 6 weeks from today.  Holy Mother of God.  I am thinking it is a gift card year this year.  Oy vey!

Eating has been crap.  Except MOST of yesterday.  Had oatmeal for brekkie, a salad for lunch and then finished the day out with a 5 Guys burger.  Yeah, that ruined it.  Oh well … I am thinking, since most of my food is coming out a package and being cooked in a microwave right now, I am just going to enjoy life and get back on plan the day after Thanksgiving.  Today it’s been yogurt, and the plan is a salad for lunch.  Dinner I haven’t a clue.  No kitchen, husband traveling, son who loves the fact that we’ve been forced to eat out more often than I like. Pretty sure he will convince me to order takeout again.  Takeout over microwave … yeah, I get his point.

Did I mention the fan on my heater went kaput in my darling little Fiat?  It did and that is so not special when you live in upstate NY.  In November.  Where it has already hit below freezing temperatures.  The timing sucks, but at least it is covered under warranty.  Now if the little part could just come in so I can drive without fear of frost bite.

Alright then.  I should probably go clean something.  Or fill another box for the donation bin.  Because putting this place back in order in time for Turkey Day is going to be a task.

Or I could write.  You know, in that book?

Yeah …

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