Some People Run …

Other’s walk, or bike, or row, or … something else. I used to run, not because I loved it (in fact, I HATE it, my absolute least favorite mode of cardio), but instead because I thought that in order to be fit I must run. I’ve got a bad knee, had it since high school, exacerbated it’s inner “bad-ness” with the Tibial Plateau Fracture 3 years ago. Running is not highly recommended for me. I still have a couple of miles in me, when needed. The thing is … when I do run, I pay for it for the next several days with swelling and horrific pain. Figure that into an equation which includes the fact that I think running is the most boring waste of time on the planet (unless being chased by a bear or a serial killer) and you have … no really good reason to run.

I prefer to walk, bike, row, swing a kettlebell, or hit a heavy bag to achieve cardiovascular health.

Why is it, then, that I feel … lesser … than my friends who run? Why do I think them more fit, generally better conditioned, more capable in this exercise world than I consider myself? Sitting behind the computer, staring at this screen, I recognize it for the bunk that it is. Standing in conversation with friends who run as their main source of exercise, I feel inadequate. I compare myself, mentally, side-by-side with these pavement pounders and berate myself for my inability to do the same. It needs to stop.

I have a long ways to go, in my journey to remove the poundage I have packed on in the last 3 years. Instead of focusing on the negative voice in my head, hinting I am somewhat sub par due to my slower pace, I need to focus on the fact that my heart is in excellent condition. Side by side with the runners and speed walkers that are my friends, my heart rate is consistently better 100% of the time, working out at the same speed. I can go ten rounds (or more) in the boxing ring. I can out row, out bike, out-swing all the runners in my world. I can lift small cars, or fallen trees, and toss them aside like they are nothing much. My heart rate recovers significantly faster than most people my age.

These are the voices I should be listening to. These are the truth-speakers. The voices insinuating I am somewhat less than worthy because I choose not to run are the liars and it is high-time I banish them from the conversation inside my mind.

Let the truth-speakers win the debate.

PS: This past weekend I had the privilege of participating in a charity fundraiser, Grab Charity by the Bells, for Golisano Children’s Hospital, located in Rochester, New York. Collectively as a group, we lifted over 1 million pounds within 4 hours using kettlebell overhead lifts (push presses, jerk’s, snatches & military presses). Personally, I lifted 16,962 lbs in that time period, which is just over 8 tons … or just under 8 Fiat’s.

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