A Review of Yesterday (and Being a Woman of Integrity)

It went quite well, if I do say so myself.  Not perfect.  I messed up a couple of things, but all in all, yesterday was a successful day on this journey.

I worked out with Nick.  Lots of lower body work and the power lifting portion was dead lifts.  Currently lifting 170 lbs, but I can do a lot more.  He just won’t let me … which is both frustrating and encouraging.  Nick promised, though, that since the 170 lbs threshold was so easy for me, we can progress very quickly from here.  I want to get into the 300’s quickly so that I can blow past them.  I am confident that I can currently lift that, but appreciate that he is my trainer and is making sure I don’t screw myself up.

On the return trip home, I stopped at the grocery store and bought everything I need for a successful week.  My greens, more eggs, good meat and veggies for supper.  Even made a salad while I was there to eat for lunch.  The only problem was that, by the time I returned home, it was 1.5 hours past my scheduled eating time and I was famished.  I scarfed that salad (lettuce, grilled chicken, tomato, cucumber, onion, artichoke, garbanzo beans, feta with 2 T. my homemade dressing) in seconds flat.

And was still hungry.

Sooo – the siren call of the remaining onion dip from the holiday weekend, a small bag of lays potato chips (single serving size) and 3 Lindt truffles derailed me slightly.  I wrote it all down on the journal and was good as gold for my supper of homemade beef stew (grassfed beef, onion, carrots, potato, cooked with GF Beef Soup Base & water, seasoned with thyme, salt & pepper).  Ate less than 2 cups of it and that was it for the night.

Therefore, yesterday’s food diary looks like this:

  • Breakfast: 2 cups coffee, black, 3 eggs scrambled in 1/2 tbsp. grassfed butter
  • Mid-morn Snack: 1 cup iced black coffee mixed with 1 scoop chocolate mint protein powder
  • Lunch: grilled chicken salad with my homemade salad sauce
  • Mid-afternoon snack (cheat): single serving Lay’s potato chips, >2 tbsp onion dip, 3 lindt truffles
  • Supper: >2 cups homemade stew
  • All day: 1/2 gallon of water (working back up to the full gallon)

Not ideal, not perfect, but not horrific. Today is already starting off better, although I am behind on the planned schedule a bit.  One should make sure that the stove is ready to cook upon prior to going to bed at night.  (I had taken the stove grates off to soak/steam them with a bit of ammonia prior to going to bed, so they need a thorough run through the dishwasher this morn, and hence delayed my breakfast by 2 hours.  Oh well.)

I am about to start my workout of the day: heavy cardio, 5 minute test set of seated kettlebell overhead press (there’s a competition this weekend that I am thoroughly unprepared for and trying to determine if I should compete at all …).  Not so awful.

I am quite certain this is all boring as hell for everyone reading, but it keeps me accountable to write it down.  I’ve been a terrible slacker in the writing department (including on my novel *sigh*) and am hoping that just the routine of writing each morning will help spur me onward (and downward on the scale!)

I feel good.  I feel confident.  I feel sure that I can make this goal.  Again.  I know I have said it before, but I this time has to be different.  I feel I have had a terrible lack of integrity to myself.  I’ve made promises and promises and, if it were to any one else, I would bend over backwards to keep my word.  However, since it is only ME … I have not made it a priority.  No more. MY health, MY life is a priority in order that I can be the best version of myself available for my family.


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