Balancing Act

I am sitting in a coffee shop, grungy/sweaty from my boxing workout, listening to otherworldly music, sipping on mint tea.  I just finished a lovely Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken.  If it weren’t for the piles of snow outside the windows reflecting blinding beams of sunlight, I would think I was back in San Diego.  There is something about this particular coffee house, in this part of town, that reminds me so much of Pacific Beach.  A New Age serenity, I guess.

I have errands to run today, specifically, Christmas shopping to finish up so I can get the packages in the mail earlier than my usual 3 days before, overnight delivery, $600 (I exaggerate slightly) shipping bill.  It’s a whole new me.  One that can workout, eat properly, write AND do the normal every day things required of me.  Not that Christmas shopping or shipping is by any means regular every day.  Gosh, make that over and above even!  My normal every day would be the cleaning and cooking and shuttling duties.  I feel quite Wonder Woman-ly!

Super Cleaning Woman

In truth, balancing all these aspects is one of the hardest things for me to do.  At least for the first 3 weeks; then it becomes habit and I do very well for a while.  Finding a way to finish everything I need to finish and still stay on track with the eating AND the working out is always an issue for me.  And when one falls, often the other does as well … kind of like a whole house of cards.  I need the balance in my life.  I need it most of all to combat the depression that looms over me every winter.

Today, though, today is a good day and I feel strong and capable.  So, yes, this entry is a little sporadic and a little short, but I am going to leave it at that … and leave .. in order that I can keep all these balls in the air.

Go … conquer the world!

conquer the world

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