Long, Cold, (Did I Mention LONG?) … WINTER!

If you haven’t been watching the National News, let me fill you in on a little fact about life in the Northeast United States.  WINTER HAS COME and it has no plans on leaving.

This morning when I took the dogs out for their morning constitutional, I remarked that it didn’t feel “half bad” outside, the sun was trying to shine, no snow was falling and the cold was almost tolerable.  When I got into the car to drive to the gym you can imagine my surprise and horror to learn that it was 15*F!  Imagine have been deep frozen in sub-zero temps for so long that 15 degrees feels tolerable.

My joints ache.  I am stiff.  And old.  I feel really, really old.  Extreme cold is hard on aging joints.  I am beginning to understand why retirees flock south every winter.  I am tempted to jump in their suitcases!

I have been able to string together a really great workout week.  I am paying for it in my joints, but I am not really interested in letting it stop me.  My new tactic is simply to take one day at a time.  I wake up, I plan out my workout and my food for the day (I have a weekly workout schedule already set up, I simply plan the particular workout I will be using that day).  My food has been clean, I have not strayed off plan, although I have changed a couple of things, swapping healthy choice for healthy choice.  I even made it through my son’s birthday, where his menu of choice was homemade Fettuccine Alfredo and Cannoli Cheese cake, without falling off my wagon.

Today I joined another gym, one closer to home with a wider variety of cardio equipment.  The price was amazing (literally $20 a month and I can bring a guest with me every single time, even the same guest every time, so kind of like a 2 for 1 membership for my son and I!) and I am excited to begin using the facility tomorrow morning.  I am still training with my coaches at the boxing and kettlebell gym and will continue to do so.  I prefer the smaller, familiar gym to the big box gyms … however, there IS something to be said for rows and rows of elliptical, treadmill, bike, rowing, etc. … cardio equipment.  They have “some” kettlebells as well.  (How cute!), a sauna (YAY-HOWDY!), and if I am so inclined, a tanning bed.  (I am not inclined, I like my lily-white Irish skin cancer free, thank you.)  The reception staff was a tad less friendly than I would expect, but ultimately, who cares?  I am not there for the reception staff.

So this cold and never-ending winter is not going to get me down.  It is not going to hold me back from stringing more and more awesome days together.  I have so many plans and dreams and all of them require me to be healthy and fit and ALIVE.  Therefore, God, Mother Nature and anyone else who wants to spit ice and snow on my path better understand I have no problem pulling on the snow shoes in order to finish this journey.

Me, Today

Resting today after earning it with kettlebell and cardio.

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