Catch up!

I adore summer.  This year Mother Nature has been particularly kind to those of us living in the tundra upstate region of New York.  Started off a tad wet (June was our wettest one in the history of ever) but then moved right into a glorious July and August is shaping up nicely as well.

We’ve been able to take advantage of these good graces often, between kayaking lakes and rivers and camping with friends.  I have so many freckles I almost appear tan.  All in all, this Seasonally Affected person is not complaining one tiny little bit.  Considering how much time I spend lamenting my hatred of snow and cold and miserable NY weather, I felt it only fair to rejoice this good fortune.

August brings with it the start of football season for my son.  His last with his youth football league.  Next year he will play Freshman (or possibly JV – He’s kinda huge in a tall and muscular sort of way).  Couple of things I love about football season:

  1. FOOTBALL!  (duh!)  I just love the game.  Lifetime Dallas Cowboy fan (go ahead haters and hate … I have lived with it for 36 years …) and I have high hopes for a good year.  I love lazy Sunday afternoons screaming at the television.  Not that we get to actually do too much of that lazy part until November.  Youth football games are played on Sundays, so we are at the field pretty much 9am-4pm every Sunday until then.  Still, I get to scream and cheer for my son’s football team, which is even better than some professional team, any day of the week.
  2. Walking the park during practice.  Having been blessed with the use of the gorgeous town park, we mom’s put in some serious mileage while the boys practice.  Yesterday, we walked just a tad over 3 miles.  I have managed to get my workout schedule (and my eating!) back under control and I love the extra boost the walking gives to my weight loss efforts.  I put in serious time at the gym in the morning, then in the evenings, I get to walk briskly while chatting away with friends.  Life is good, as the t-shirts say.

Bought a Fitbit watch as well and so far loving it.  Seems to do a much better job keeping track of my steps and heart rate than any of my other monitors have previously.  Gives me a nice little buzzzz when I hit that steps goal for the day and lets me know that, yes indeed, my sleep record is crappy as always.  If you are looking at one, so far I give it 2 thumbs up.

That’s the basic 411 on what my life has been the last month or so.  Once school starts, there will be more regularity to my schedule and I hope that I can get the writing back on track.  In the meantime …

tada gan iarracht!  (nothing without effort!)

river adk bnw


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