I’m a big fan of January.  Not the weather (Holy Mother of God, NO!), but the “freshness” of a new year.  I like fresh slates, clean records, new starts.  It seems I like them so well I make sure to dirty up November and December as much as is humanly possible to ensure that the clean slate of January is positively brilliant by comparison.

I am not, however, a big fan of “resolutions” because I find them very easy to bury under a mountain of good intention and missed steps.  I still make plans, set up goals, but I refuse to call them resolutions as doing so almost guarantees their failure.  The past has proven that failing is easily enough accomplished without adding a label guaranteeing it.

This year, I have lots of goals.  Very typical ones, not at all unlike what will be seen on hundreds of blogs around the sphere.  Health, financial, career goals, some of which I have already laid the groundwork for and am ready to launch.


  • Lose the weight.  It’s been siting on me for about 4 years now.  I’ve run out of really good excuses.  I have health issues, injuries, pain and scheduling conflicts.  So what?  EVERYONE does.  it’s just time to gt serious about getting it off and keeping it off.  I don’t feel well, I don’t like how I look and I am tired of not being “me”.  The goal is to lose 1-2 lbs per week from now until I reach my healthy weight.  Usually I am gung ho, 5 lbs a week or more, let’s do this, Baby!.  That mindset lasts only for the first month.  Or until something happens, like a diverticulitis attack, or a sprained ankle, or some other excuse to get mopey and depressed and quit on myself.  So this time, slow and steady and we will get there when we get there.  There is no “by this date or the whole thing explodes” deadline.  It would be lovely to be down 50 lbs by swimsuit season.  However, it is not imperative.  Reaching that healthy weight is what is important.
    • I will accomplish the above goal by walking (or running) 500 miles during the next 361 days.  I want to look back at my FitBit monitor and see 500 miles logged for the year 2016.  I will also go to the gym 5-6 days per week.  If for some reason I can not make it to the gym, I will use my home gym (rowing machine, kettlebells, free weights, heavy bag) to accomplish my daily workout.  I seriously have no excuses for not getting that daily workout in … I have a rockin’ home gym.
    • I will also accomplish this goal by following a very healthy eating plan.  My goal is no more than 1200 calories per day with occasional reward days earned.  Hopefully this will keep the feeling of deprivation at bay and make me less susceptible to falling into a pit of gluttonous revelry.  Yeah, I do that.


  • Pay off 2 credit cards.  I have 3.  The 3rd is going to take more time, so upon finishing off the 1st 2, I can then apply the funds normally applied to those 2 (in addition to current payment on #3) to the the third and substantially lower the 3rd.  It’s just time.  I can make a dent in that big one if I stick to the plan.  Being debt free by 2020 is a ultimate goal.
  • Put $100 per paycheck into savings.  We want to take my son on a trip to Greece and Italy when he graduates from high school.  I have a few years, but it would be very beneficial to me to get started on that now.  Retirement is pretty well taken care of, so I tend to not think so much about saving for the future … but it would be a heck of a lot easier to keep those credit card balances lower if I prepared in advance for big ticket items.


  • FINISH THAT NOVEL!  It’s important.  I have other ideas that I want to start on, but I won’t let myself until I finish the one that I am working on … and I have not been diligent about finishing it.  I am going to set aside time every single day to write on that book … even if I only finish one paragraph in the sitting … at least it is progress.  I’ve a bad habit of editing myself too much.  I need to get back into just oozing out the story and then going back and cleaning it all up after it is finished.
  • Write in this blog at least once a week.  I’ve been very lax this past year.  It’s not been a priority.  Let’s face it, I accomplished very little in 2015.  I fully intend to make 2016 a better writing year, all around.  Whether anyone reads or not, I need to take advantage of this forum I have to throw my thoughts into the universe and let them fly.  it helps clear my head for the important work.

There they are.  My goals for 2016.  I am also learning to knit, but didn’t figure that needed a specific bullet point.  I just want to make this particular pair of gloves and figured maybe knowing how to do this knitting thing would be beneficial.

Alright then … off I go to the gym.  Check!

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