20 Reason’s Why … and 10 Why NOT’s …

I am starting a fitness challenge in January with one of my favorite fitness professional’s, Pauline Nordin.  “De-Fat America” is made for people with 40, 50 or more pounds to lose.  Sadly, that is me.  In a perfect world, one without injuries, illness and perimenopause , I would like to drop 100 lbs.  But I will take anything I can get.  Pauline’s plan is geared towards people who are not as comfortable in the weight room … that is not me.  However, with the excess weight and the extreme joint issues I have been facing, it seems the smarter “first move”.  Ay-yi-yi-yi.

In the starter checklist, she recommends keeping a journal and beginning the journey with a “20 Reasons Why and 10 Reasons Why Not” list.  Luckily I already have a “journal” here, so I figured that I would just start things off with my list.  I’ve not put a lot of thought into this part of the process so the following is literally a brain drop and may be subject to some revision before I kick the challenge off in January.

20 Reasons WHY

  1. Feel better in my skin.
  2. Be healthier
  3. Ease my joint pain
  4. Be more confident
  5. Feel sexy again
  6. Fit into more of the clothes in my closet
  7. Be able to play sports again.
  8. Be more comfortable in airplane seats
  9. Have a LOT more energy
  10. Be an example to my son about never quitting or giving up.
  11. Hopefully find some relief to my intestinal issues.
  12. Become stronger.
  13. Improve my kettlebell performance.
  14. Look good for the next trip to Ireland!
  15. Be closer to the goal of running a Muddy Buddy 10k.
  16. Not be the fattest person in my group of friends.  (Sad but true.)
  17. I know so much about fitness and healthy living, I want to LOOK like I know what I am talking about.
  18. Look “OK” in a bathing suit this summer.
  19. Not huff like a steam engine when I climb stairs.
  20. Be happy with myself again.

10 Reasons Why NOT ….

  1. I am always injured.
  2. I won’t be able to drink alcohol.
  3. Have to carry food with me everywhere I go.
  4. Have to be much more prepared; no more flying by the seat of my pants days.
  5. I have to post progress pictures in a 2 piece.  A friggin’ fat girl’s BIKINI!!!!  .
  6. Workouts will take a couple hours a day EVERY day.
  7. I am not nearly as much fun to be around in the beginning of a new lifestyle change.
  8. Having to cook separate meals for the rest of my family, who don’t need to eat like me.
  9. Less freedom.
  10. Ugggghhhhh … it’s FOREVER!

So, there it is … for now.  Surprisingly, it was hard to come up with 20 reason’s why.  I just wanted to say “Be skinny” over and over … but it forced me to dig deeper.  yes, I want to be skinnier … but it’s a lot more than just that.  I want my health back.  My confidence, my ME back.  I am tired of being this person, wrapped in a cocoon of fat.  It’s not ME.

The thing that I am most scared about tho is posting those bikini pics.  I realize I am not alone.  I am among friends, other women in the same place, comrades fighting side by side in the same war.  Ugh … but pictures?!  Yuck.  Still, I will probably post them in this blog at some point … when I have some comparison “after’s” to offer as well.  Humiliating, but necessary to see results.  I guess.

Now to get some oatmeal before heading off to the gym.  The challenge might not kick off until January, but 100 lbs will require a LOT of work and I might as well get serious now.



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