I Want an “After” Story

You’ve seen them, I’m sure.  The weight loss “Before & After” stories?  Whether it is in a magazine, or a television ad or a new facebook fitness group … there are tons of them out there.  Sad, depressed, woefully out of shape before pictures, followed by joyful, smiling, tanned, healthy “after’s”.  I have files filled with before pictures.  I really, really want to have an after.  And then I want to stay an after.

I’ve had a difficult past few days.  Nothing earth shattering, just fights with my son, a visit to my Gastroenterology Doc, a check that bounced because I am stupid and made a stupid mistake, snow.  A lot of snow.  I’m not happy with where my life is right this moment.  Most of that will change by tomorrow morning, but the part that won’t is the weight part.

I saw a wonderful blog by a woman who is very comfortable in her skin and with hew weight.  I LOVE Brittany, Herself .  I love her outlook, her attitude, her style.  I wish I felt like her and I hope that someday I will.  But right now I am NOT comfortable in my own skin.  The me I am now is not the real me. It’s the sad version.  The version who has let life beat her down and hold her on the ground.  The one who has given up and quit fighting.

The REAL me never quits fighting.

As I am prepping myself for this upcoming Fighter Diet DeFat America Challenge, I feel like I just might be on the right road back to the real me.  There is a slight stumbling block already in that my Gastro-dude wants me to go on the FODMAP diet for a month right after the holidays to try and get a handle on this intestinal issue I have.  I think the two plans will work together, but obviously FODMAP will limit my choices even more.  Ultimately, I need both.  I need healing in my intestines and I NEED the motivation and support that will come with the challenge.  I will find a way to make it work.

I am actually looking forward to someday writing an entry about success and what it feels like to be healthy and HAPPY in my skin.  I am looking forward to being me again.


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