My Poor, Neglected Blog …

I apologize to you, my old friend, for never visiting.  I apologize for cutting you out of my life so completely, no explanations, no hints or clues … just *BAM* … nothing.  I don’t think it will make you feel any better, but please know that I haven’t been writing anything anywhere else.  Nothing.  I have set aside my love for the written word and allowed myself to become distracted by the mundane.  From work, to parenting, to home improvement … everything else has taken precedence over my need to write down my thoughts, real and fiction.  I wasn’t cheating.  I was neglecting.  Although, that really isn’t any better.

Let’s see … what has happened since I last wrote …

  • I FAILED at the Fighter Diet.  Couldn’t do the weird fish things.  Just. Couldn’t. Do. It.
  • I started a new job that I am still learning to juggle my world around.
  • I redecorated the spare bedroom into my son’s new gaming room.
  • I planted a vegetable garden and quickly lost control of it to massive weeds.
  • I have been the Operations Supervisor for an exterior improvement plan including a new shed install (yes, it actually took an install), a correction to a foundation issue on our garage, a new entry sidewalk and complete tear out and re-do of our driveway and a new garage door (it’s the last step and is not yet installed.)
  • I went to New Orleans for a girl’s trip.
  • I had girly surgery that I won’t discuss at length here.
  • I gained more weight.

I am beginning a new diet plan today.  I am not going to go into it in much detail simply because I feel that is all I talk about.  How I diet and How I fail.  I am hoping this will be a kick off to losing 7 stone (give or take a pebble).

I need a place to document and kvetch.  I need to get back to writing more frequently.  I hope both can be accomplished by coming back to you, my old friend.  I hope you will forgive me and help me find my way back to the written word.

I pray you will forgive my long absence and welcome back the prodigal daughter with open arms.


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