Quiet Monday’s

After the hustle and bustle of the weekends, I have learned to love my quiet Monday’s.  Hubby is off to work, man-child is off to school, the dogs each sleep in a chair nearby and the cats are in their prospective fuzzy caves.  Today is a particularly blustery fall morning, so it’s not necessarily “quiet” … but it is relatively so.

This weekend I actually had both days off.  Usually I work full days on Saturdays, so it was a treat.  Granted, a weekend day off doesn’t actually mean that.  I spent all day Saturday outside doing fall clean up yard work.  There is still plenty to do, but we accomplished a ton.  3 trips to the yard waste dump’s worth, in fact – by the time it was done, I was exhausted.

Today, I know there are things to do, and they sit at the fringes of my mind, prodding me even as I slowly sip my coffee.  Cleaning is never finished, therefore it can wait a few more minutes.  I don’t leave for work until 2:30pm, so there is plenty of time.

Diet is going well.  Down an official 7 lbs since I started (Thursday) and even though I know this is just the initial *quick weight loss* part, I am still happy with the progress.  It would be brilliant to keep this speed up, but I know it won’t happen.  Can you imagine?  Lose 100 lbs in 100 days!  Now there is an advertisement slogan!  As everything else I have started (and stopped) over the past few years has been a dismal failure, I didn’t actually expect loss at this rate.  It’s good for the motivation.

It’s not easy.  The intermittent fasting part is especially difficult for me.  I am ALWAYS hungry at night, the worst possible time, and this forces me to ignore the hunger and trudge on.  I got to bed hungry, but am not waking up so.  I drink my bullet-proof coffee upon rising and am good until lunch.  Right now, motivation is high, so will power is strong, heh, but there are still times …

For example, when darling hubby eats nachos, pizza, pretzels and candy next to me while we watch football.  (He can afford it, he works to keep weight on, the bastard, lol.)  The smell of those nachos!  It was hard sipping my water as he drank hard cider …


OK, so he was all kinds of temptation this weekend and I am awfully glad he has taken his skinny butt back to work. Another reason to love this quiet Monday!  This is my life though.  I will never be able to enjoy freely the things that he and my son can … and I have to learn to exist in their world without destroying my own.  I’ve tried it the other way, eating with them, trying to keep it minimal, but enjoying the same foods.  It doesn’t work for me, health-wise.  I can’t afford to keep putting my body through the scale highs and lows.

I guess I am resolved to see this through til then end.  Seeing results on the scale does help the motivation.  Hopefully an energy boost is coming too!  Not to mention, the cost of this particular program makes me want to be a success story.  Heh.  And losing a hundred pounds will make that plane seat much more comfortable when I head to Ireland next June.  So, there are quite a few reason to stay on plan.

Time to get moving …


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