Posting My Thoughts

Start.  Stop. Repeat.

My writing process is very much on par with my dieting process.  Pretty much, if I stop writing, I’ve also stopped dieting.  Not always when I restart the dieting do I restart the writing … but the past has proven that I do have more results when I do both.  So … Start.  Again.

I turned 50 years old a week ago tomorrow.  I made sure the celebration was grand … as many of my favorite people as I could get around me, in a limo, tasting wine from our local region.  A couple of my life long besties even traveled in from out of state.  I made all the people’s where black and announced my new age with a big hat.  I had no intention of shying away from this rather obnoxious number.

As I looked over the pictures snapped during our revelry, the only thing that made me sad was my waistline.  And maybe my chins.  I didn’t delete the photos from my social media accounts, as I would have in the past.  I just shook my head and thought “my how far I have fallen since 2010.  Or rather, how big I have ballooned.”  But this is me, now, and I have to own it … just like I owned the big 50.

I am having some knee issues, some joint issues, some generalized pain and it has forced me to use a walking stick on occasion.  I also bleached my hair until it broke off and now I am trying to repair that.  I am about 90 lbs heavier than I was in 2010 when I was settling into my 40’s.  To put it bluntly … I’m not looking so good.  Can’t throw a ball due to right shoulder (softball is out); can’t squat into catcher’s position (softball still out); can’t walk long distances (did I mention softball is kaput?); can’t do push ups or planks due to left hand injury; can’t chest press; can’t kettlebell; can’t box.  The list of “can’t do’s” is long.

BUT … there are a couple things left on the “CAN DO” list:  I CAN watch what I eat,  I CAN do yoga, I CAN try to remain positive.  I CAN visit my doctor and find out if I have done more damage to this leg than just a pull or strain (although I have not yet done it and have not yet made the appointment mostly because I am afraid it is going to be bad news and I rather like sticking my head in the sand.)

I started drinking what we refer to as “Unicorn Coffee” first thing in the morning.  (I’m not selling it, hyping it, promoting it or anything like that.  Simply stating a fact that I have started using it and yes, I have seen some results.)  Then Wednesday of this week (2 days ago) I started back on a strict version of the KETO diet.  No Lazy or Dirty for me.  Straight up 75% healthy fat, 20% lean protein, 5% carbohydrate program that I am tracking with the MyFitnessPal App.  I started the coffee a week ago today and between the 2 of those am down 9 lbs.  With 0 exercise and including birthday cake and copious amounts of wine last weekend.

Now I am beginning the next phase, which is to write about it some and hold my self accountable.  I’ll add pictures here and there.  No promises on writing every day or anything like that.  This is for me.  Because I need to be serious and I just can’t really care what anyone else thinks.  I can’t do it like I used to (work out insanely and eat tiny amounts of clean food) … my body won’t let me.  And I have to get some pounds off quickly in order to have any increase at all in my output.

Alright then, let the fun begin.  And if someone happens to stumble upon this blog and read it on accident … if you feel the need to comment, please keep it uplifting and motivating.  Thanks in advance.

(I am the one on the left in the pic below.)

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