And the year was 2020


A year for looking forward and not back.  For setting goals and meeting challenges.  For Becoming.

Becoming healthy.  Becoming happy.  Becoming content.  Becoming Norwegian.  (More on that later.)

  1. the process of coming to be something or of passing into a state.
    “a series of poem sketches in a state of becoming”

I struggle with winter.  Always have.  I am trying to overcome that struggle this year with a massive mindset change.  I read an article several months ago that had a profound affect on me. (The Norwegian Secret To Enjoying A Long Winter, for those who want to read the whole article.)  Norway has months and months of cold and darkness, yet they remain an amazingly optimistic people.  The author researched the why, and to put it simply … Embrace winter, go outside and enjoy it … then come in and embrace the cozy … warm drinks, fires, candles, fuzzy blankies … cozy.

That part, the cozy, I have down in spades.  The outside part is where I struggle.  So, I put snowshoes on my Christmas Wish List and started making plans to be outside as much as possible.  (Wouldn’t you know it, all the snow we had here melted before Christmas and it has been an incredibly mild winter since.  People everywhere are thanking me for disrupting the weather patterns with my optimism.)  Therefore, my pretty new snowshoes have only been outed once (there was still snow where we spent Christmas week) and I can pretty much brave the elements with only a hoodie.  My attitude, however, has been significantly better.

I made a ton of resolutions.  New for me, as I usually forgo that particular custom.  But 2020 seemed the perfect year to do it.  Most of the normal ones (lose weight, exercise more, payoff debt, yada yada ya) and this very particular one about “Becoming Norwegian”.  I refuse to join in the local weather pity party.  I am not complaining, not even when it gets bad.  Right now I am eagerly anticipating the return of the snow and sub-zero temps.

There is a fire roaring in the fireplace and candles lit beside me, a lovely hard cider (not warm, but that’s forgivable) refreshing me and 2 amazing canines perched upon my feet.  Not to mention, the hunky man I get to call my husband faithfully tending that roaring fire.  I figure my life is pretty amazing and the only thing that I need to change is my attitude.

Here’s to a brighter, snowier, New Year!



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