Mom, conservative Libertarian, wife, softball player, writer, cook, craft-maker, singer, clean-eater, kettlebell lifter … what else? If I could be anything in the world I would sing in a lounge act and write novels in my spare time. I wish I had Monica Brant’s physique. My favorite actress is Nicole Kidman, actor is Chris Hemsworth.  I am positively infatuated with Thor. My favorite food is stuffed sole with a garlic white wine sauce. My favorite dessert is excellently prepared tiramasu. I long for Ireland, I dream of rolling green hillsides, backdropped by jarring limestone mountains. I love hiking, driving, boating, camping, mountains, oceans, fresh wild blueberries and my absolute OBSESSION is MANGO!! I Adore Mangos!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m pretty sure we’re soul mates … tennis instead of softball, and I’m not into actors or actresses (Thor?). Other than that… It was the picture of Ireland you drew in my mind that convinced me. 😀 Nice to meet you.

    • lol … you know, just trying to answer all those questions people ask in silly cocktail situations where no one knows anyone else. I like tennis as well, but I rather suck at it. Something about trying to get home runs … 😉 Ireland is my heart. I spend all of my free brain time scheming of new ways to get back there. ‘Tis the most gorgeous place on earth, I’m convinced. Thanks for stopping by .. nice to meet you as well. 🙂

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